Serenity Circle Version 0.6.1


Serenity Circle

The story continues a few years after the ending of Celestial Memoir with a new main character. There will be several familiar faces and many new ones to meet. You will be able to study and learn new magic at your new school, Serenity Circle. Many adventures will be had both on and off campus. You can build or break relationships, partake in various sports or club activities, take on missions, and much more. Once you have grown your magic power a bit, paths to new worlds and all that awaits on them will become available.

– 4 new main quest stages now available.
– Added a quest that helps players find the portal room.
– 2 new scenes: Vivi and bath.
– Upped the amount of exp you get from General Magic class if your GM level is 1.
– Added GM exp to other classes if GM level 1.
– Added generic NPCs to school hallways and bathrooms.
– Men’s bathroom now has an inhibition requirement (50). No scenes there yet.
– Summons no longer follow you into the bathroom.
– One set of bathrooms now instead of one set per floor.
– Earth added to portal room.
– Added General Magic level 3 and Illusion Magic level 1. These add 4 new spells.
– Adjusted damage formula.
– 1 new vanity item for each summon.

Developer: Agent Nova
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.6.1
Censored: No
Size: 470 mb

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