Serenity Circle – Version 0.18


Serenity Circle

The story continues a few years after the ending of Celestial Memoir with a new main character. There will be several familiar faces and many new ones to meet. You will be able to study and learn new magic at your new school, Serenity Circle. Many adventures will be had both on and off campus. You can build or break relationships, partake in various sports or club activities, take on missions, and much more. Once you have grown your magic power a bit, paths to new worlds and all that awaits on them will become available.

– Added the Vivi cheating talk text for last update’s new scenes.
– Added Cronus City to Earth.
– A new main quest is available. “In development” kicks in just before the end of the quest, as always.
– Added 3 “new” enemies as part of the main quest.
– Added 2 new scenes.
– Fertility Potion buffed from +50% to +100%.
– Changed the price of the Halloween outfits (Sexy Witch, Lusty Vampire) to the normal price now that Halloween is over.
– Changed the volume sliders to increments of 2 due to it sometimes getting stuck with increments of 1.
– Adjusted the Menu Cursor Sound option.
– Fixed the side picture not updating when closing the menu with right click.
– Replaced the Vivi BJ images with re-rendered uncompressed versions.
– Fixed the Mrs. Winter and Aydin vaginal scene not giving inhibition drops.
– Updated the rest of the existing scenes with the new inhibition drop rates.

Developer: Agent Nova
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Serenity Circle Version: 0.18
Censored: No
Size: 1460 mb

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