Serena: Dark confessions (Final)


Serena: Dark confessions

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Julian and Serena, a happy couple, engaged and soon to be married, ready for a picture-perfect ever after.
It was a heartwarming tale of clumsy mistakes flowering into solid romance and the promise of something greater.
But promises can be broken, and this one was shattered by Julian,
who strayed from his fiancee, and by Nicole, Serena’s best friend, who took her husband to be.
And Serena left, and Julian… drifted.

It… wasn’t easy, being the bad guy. Nicole stood by his side, cheerful, vibrating with life and energy as always.
He worked in his beloved car workshop, the place where he could feel his skills were worth something.
But every day, knowing all that he had, he couldn’t stop thinking about what he no longer did. S
elf-respect was quite high on that list.
And not knowing what Serena was doing, or with whom?
That wasn’t easy.
Not even Jade, the girl who should have been his sister-in-law, knew.
Julian’s ex was now a mystery, and as much as he missed her sometimes, as much as he wished he could somehow make things better…
But this is all the past, part of a story that’s already been told, that you know.
And this game? No, this is the part yet to come.
This is the part of the story where lingering embers blaze,
where we meet the characters we thought we knew and see new ones step into the limelight.
This is where we learn about Serena’s past, the secrets she now guards.
This is where Julian chooses. And you with him.

Developer: Lesson of Passion
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Serena: Dark confessions Version: Final
Language: English
File size: 3170 mb

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