Secrets Unveiled Version 0.1.1


Secrets Unveiled

You don’t usually wake up early in the morning and see your Parent’s wanting to make a sudden move from the countryside to a city! Well, that wasn’t a dream but it happened in reality! Your parents decide to make a sudden move to the city in order to “move forward” in life and then you are deported to a Boarding school to complete your schooling! After 8 years, you return home only to find that everything has changed and as you move deeper into the story you’ll realize that there are some secrets that you need to unveil in order to know what’s really happening in and around your family!?


Added new characters to the game.
Added a few events to the main story.
Added 455 porn mp4’s in which 434 videos have audio. Videos range anywhere between 4sec to 50sec.
Added a Christmas Event which is a complete fuckfest without any actual story so you can skip it if you just want the story.
Added Stats, Character notes which can be accessed through the left-hand ui-bar.
You can change fonts in the options menu.
Pure path (Romance), Dark Path(Male domination), Ntr path have been added.
Replaced the text boxes with simple and neat colored texts for each and every character.
A few changes to the game regarding the story and the progression and a few minor changes elsewhere.


Developer: Starlightgames
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Secrets Unveiled Version 0.1.1 Version: 0.1.1
Language: English
File size: 1100 mb

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