Royal Switch version 0.06

Royal Switch

Royal Switch

Two people, born the same day, but in very different circumstances.
One is a Princess, born to rule.
The other is a peasant, born to live in obscurity.
They live very different lives, until one day the fates collide, and they meet, only to discover that they are identical in (almost) every way!
What would happen if they switched places?



Identified and addressed an alarming number of minor coding errors
Brigitte gets a new look and continues her training
Brigitte has an audience while she cleans
Esther finally gets on stage
Another new love interest
Some things can remain secret only so long
A visit to the Red Lily
7,582 words, 865 dialogue blocks


Developer: DeepBauhaus
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.06
Language: English
Size: 2120 mb

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