Rightful Ownership version 0.2


Rightful Ownership

Rightful Ownership

Thanks to his early access to wealth, our main character has led a frivolous youth,
tasting and acquiring the rarest most expensive items, buildings, and experiences, but something changed.
On his twenty-six birthday, his sudden questions about his way of life will lead him on an adventure rich with love,
domination, and submission.


-Polished some earlier bits of the story & code for better progression.
-Fixed some grammar, punctuation, and capitalization mistakes.
-Compressed the overall file size (original was around 1GB for 0.2)
-Music has been added to the game.
-Story progression.
-A new save will be required.

Total renders in-game: 353
Total lines of code: 2540
Total words: 5172


Developer: RNGR
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
Language: English
Size: 534 mb

Download game:



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