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Pervert Action: TimelapseTimelapse


Timelapse: Shuji has lost the last month of his life. Now he finds in that time he’s been dating a group of gorgeous, out-of-his-league girlfriends. What happened in that time? And will he be able to turn a group of jealous ex-girlfriends into a harem? Choose how you build your skills and which women you’ll focus on, as you date the girls in order to unravel the mystery.
This edition, titled “Emi in Focus”, contains Emi’s full dating story. Why would a supermodel date a guy like Shuji? And why is she still hanging around now that she knows he cheated on her? It’s time to find out! (And time to start gathering your harem

Nobuko’s ending! This large scene can be activated by simply playing to day 21 after having romanced Nobuko. (Remember, though, the story doesn’t actually finish here! This is just a stop on the road to the true harem ending.) It features:
– two interactive scenes,
– with a massive 22 images! (Plus variations.)
A new interactive “kneeling” sex scene for Nobuko in the kitchen! Just ask her about sex topics, and say “kneel down for me”. This incorporates the existing ‘fuck tits’ scene that you could access from her conversation menu, but also includes a handjob, a bunch of new conversation options and a blowjob! Also featuring:
– 5 new images (plus 2 already in there for the titfucking),
– several new voice lines,
– and a new looping blowjob animation!
A new collector card, “Tranquil love”, found in the Nobuko ending!
A new story flashback scene: learn more about what happened immediately after the moment on the train tracks when Shuji thought he was going to die…
Several minor bug fixes.

Developer: BBBen
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.18
Censored: No
Size: 418 mb

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