Path to Paradise Version 0.95 R


Path to Paradise

Main character is Dexter. He was a virgin who is not interested in sex or other stuff. He loving praying, go to church and his family. But it’s all changed on his eighteenth birthday.


v0.95 R
Edited text of 1 chapter (Characters events); (Thanks to Tom Smith)
Edited text of 9-15 chapters (Intro and characters events); (Thanks to Tom Smith)
Dozens of small text edits.(Thanks to Tom Smith)
Changed many pictures of characters due it bad quality.
New stuff:
New chapter – Brothel; (Start at Monday if you have at least 75 girls in harem)
Added new locations;(Brothel)
Added 5 new characters;
Bunch of small bugs that I could find.


Developer: DiaZis
Platform: Windows
Path to Paradise Version: 0.95 R
Censored: No
Language: English
File size: 1700 mb

Download game:


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