Oppai Odyssey Version 0.3.9x


Oppai Odyssey

Oppai Odyssey

You are the captain of spaceship and your crew is a bunch of cute girls. Explore your spaceship and build friendships and intimacy with your crew much like games such as “Mass Effect” and “Knights of the Old Republic.” Your mission is to explore and survey uncharted planets and experience the unique races and environments. Especially the cute girls. Oppai Odyssey includes completely animated scenes and sexy situations.


Oppai Odyssey v0.3.9x

339+ new images
24+ new Lewd animations
6 new events
Branching Nyx Lewd scene
Important Nyx Relationship choice
3600+ new lines of code and dialogue
New UI buttons
New save game location for Android (No more losing progress every patch)
Added ability to name saves

Xerxes Changelog:

Complete rework of the entire first mission
300+ new images
2 new animations
1 new lewd scene featuring the Admirals
2200+ new lines of code and dialogue
1 new music track
10 new sound effects
More Alex content added pre-Xerxes


Developer: Cryoxxx
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.3.9x
Censored: No
Size: 3870 mb

Download game:



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