Omerta version 0.3



You’re enjoying the night life, women, fast cars and loads of cash. Everything seems to be going your way, until life decides otherwise . All it takes is one stray bullet, one stray person, one mistake for everything to go down hill.

After losing everything and being thrown in prison you once again breathe in the fresh air of freedom, for a second chance. But the past still clings to you. Will you leave everything you lost behind, or once again try to claw back at what you’ve lost.

Of course your choice is the second! With a promise and drive you’re back at it once again, will you make the same mistake or will you take the opportunity to change your outcome.

In the city of sins, there is only one desire that matters, and it’s your heart’s desire.



Chapter 2
Fixed some issues on the characters that was reported. (Much appreciated SHG)
Bunch of typo fixes as per usual.

Continuation of Chapter 1
Made map and quest log buttons bigger and more visible as per feedback.
Changed sentences and corrected the flow of things in intro I suppose
Aria no longer gives you BJ with Eva’s face plastered on! (Sorry about that!)
Aria will now mention player name (if chosen) correctly!
Fixed the issue with cinematic at the intro if the player wishes to skip.


Developer: M.C Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
Language: English
Size: 1190 mb

Download game:


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