Old Profession Version 0.10


Old Profession

Old Profession is an adult game about the intersection of two different realities:
One of them is much like our own world.
The other is strange, magical and inhabited by fantastic creatures.
The two worlds share one common trait: they are both full of sex!
Folow our hero Lana in her quest to discover
the pleasures that theses realities can provide!



New work opportunity on the market.
New costume for Lana.
1 new vaginal sex scene with footjob.
1 new anal sex scene.
1 new extra vaginal sex scene.
1 new extra anal sex scene.
Considering partial results for the game balance poll on Patreon, zombies powers were slightly adjusted.
Items are also cheaper to buy.
These changes aim to make the game progression a little more smooth, but without abandoning the idea of increasing challenge for new monsters.
And also lead to less “grind” to buy items.
Small change on the UI for better Android visualization.
fixed an issue when lana tried to do squats in her room and could cause unexpected behavior in the game.
fixed an issue when a specific monster (Zombie B) used a specific attack to win (Mouth) would cause the game to crash.
more than 50 animated multi-event sex scenes in total.
More than 120 sex animations in total.
22 of those are exclusive.
Small changes to some old dialogue.
Lots of Bug fixes. This is a more stable version of the game (hopefully).


Developer: DAssman
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.10
Language: English
Size: 173 mb

Download game:



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