NS-Evolution Version B




After leaving your job, you decide to fulfill a pending wish, fuck MILFS and horny women and get paid for it by them. Start from scratch relearning how to conquer a woman, but beware, you don’t want her to just fall in love with you … what you want is to fuck her and take her money.

– New notifications System for actions (now you will keep numeric info after each move)
– New popup Help about each of the places and their options (get help anytime)
– Stats system is being simplified, there will be only 3 for non sexual actions
– Stamina bar now is based on your current amount over a total of 100 (XX/100)
– Stamina consuption only during sex (and inmediate recovery an hour after sex)
– Arousal progress bar for ladies during dates, pickup and sex!!! (for gameplay improvement)
– Basic payments after you persuade them to pay, based on your score at the end of each sex encounter.
– Now that you charge, you must also pay, the rent is paid the first days of the month
– Basic quick ATM credit when you go below 0$, game ends now whe you squander your money overdraft limit set at -2000$
– Limit the number of times that you can raise your libido watching porn (max 3h per day)
– Now the reduction of the max erection capacity after watching too much porn is back to normal after sleep
– Food prices lowered in order to balance the daily expenses (based on the possible incomes with the level of the current available ladies)
– Phonecalls from the ladies based on score
– Some Sex intercouse value tweakings, changes and new options. Also simultaneous orgasms
– Descriptive erotic relates for each client
– Stylized erection state icon besides the traditional bar

– Superhot new animations!! sex animations are cinematic stylized loops that last now approximately 1:00 minutes to 1:30 minutes. A total of 81 new videos for:
– Sarah, New Fuckable Lady
– Deborah, New Fuckable Lady
– New Ellen Videos
– Some New items at shops such as wine, energy drinks and lube…

– Bug in wich the home theater was still available in the store after buying it (and you could buy it twice by accident) was fixed
– Error message if music excuse is used to drive women to your home spotted and erradicated

Developer: Peter_Leach
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: B
Censored: No
Size: 1330 mb

Download game:



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