Mysterious Erotic Theater 3500 (Update 6)


This erotic kinetic novel consists of several loosely connected short stories. Here you can find evil witches, anti-social robots, black magic, aliens from outer space, science fiction and an abandoned circus.

But it’s all have one thing in common: three friends watching erotic movies in an abandoned movie theater… and they making ridiculous comments on them!


Movie #1
Bad Cookies for Lina
Lina, an innocent student, enjoys drinking cappuccino in a cafe on the beach. She does not even suspect what a danger she is exposed because the owner of the cafe, MILF hottie, practices black magic.

Movie #2
Shadow Over Wings
Parody/RipOff from the movie “Shadows in the Clouds”. Our hero suspects that the female pilots of the flying fortress plane into smuggling business. Having made his way into the plane and being high in the sky, he suddenly realizes that the plane is attacked by succubus demons.

Movie #3
Lina and Poltergeist

Movie #4
Her Soul is Weak

Movie #5
Hot Metal 2 – Bad Romance

Movie #6
Hot Meta 3 – Ganimedian Encounter

Movie #7
Phantasm for Mrs. Carlson


Developer: ShamanLab
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Update 6
Language: English
File size: 325 mb

Download game:


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