Mother’s Best Friend v0.17.1


This story is about a young man living in a rich family. From the very beginning he had everything he could ever want, so as he grew older he became more and more bored with what was going on around him. His father is the owner of a huge international corporation, but because of his passion for anonymity only a few people know his real identity. The main character’s mother met his father while they were at university and they have been living together ever since. He also has two rather willful and spoiled sisters. But what makes this story special? It is all about the main character’s views on what is going on around him and his desire to take a certain role in the family. His suspicions that everything in his family is so perfect do not give him peace. After all, every family has its secrets, don’t they?

Developer: MBF games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.17.1 Cheats
Language: English
File size: 6000 mb

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