Mental Blast Version 0.03


Mental Blast

You take the role of reaper Elexis aka (Veil). She starts dreaming and seeing strange and hypnotic visions after an accident has happened on one of her previous missions. Now she wants to get rid of them but for that, she wants to visit a man known as Alun the Blind, who helped her once before hoping he could be able to do it again. Her goal will be not so easy to complete as she thinks. There will be many obstacles, foes, and friends that she must overcome to save herself from this ‘Mental Blast’!?

New 9 animations. Two animations for Veil and Haral, one animation for two elder scrangs and Veil, two animations for Diza and Viv, two animations for Diza, Viv, and Veil, and two animations with Veil and her new toy ‘The Auto-dick’.
Now you can loot the piles of junk multiple times after some period of time 15-20 min.
The piles of junk now can drops ‘Piece of Raw Verelium’.
New side quest: ‘Unsatisfied’.
New craftable item: ‘The Auto-dick’. (but you first have to find the blueprint for it
New location: Passenger’s Quarters/Passenger’s Living Zone. I will change the name next update probably.
New NPCs: Loro, Urona, Mr. Belinhoff and Zhen-Shen.

Developer: DiDongo
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Mental Blast Version: 0.03
Censored: No
Size: 3350 mb



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