Maid to Please Version 0.2.3


Maid to Please

Maid to Please

You’re Jack. At 22, you’ve just finished your University studies and you’re moving back,
to a hometown that you haven’t visited for four years.
At home awaits your father and his new wife whom you’ve never met.
This is one of the oldest stories there is; it is a story about revenge.?


– Includes the afternoon of playable day 2.
– Added 117 renders.
– Added one idling animation. The hair won’t loop properly but I included it
anyway because I spent a lot of time on it
– Corrected no typos yet again. Let me know if you spot tpyos or bad grammar.
– Fixed the double-click to close the second stats screen (thanks to Hordragg).
– Added a music track to the backyard.


Developer: Tutbork
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.3
Language: English
File size: 355 mb

Download game:


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