Mad World (Release


Mad World

By chance, in a bar at night, you meet a strange man who claims to be a god. The power he gives you flips your life upside-down, now, with newfound friends and newfound threats, you must learn the extent of your new abilities while also dealing with your completely new everyday life. How you choose to approach each situation will define your mental state forever, and also the relationships of those around you.?

-Added a new chapter to the game
-Added animations.
-Added tracklist.
-Added new music.
-Fixed a ton of grammar issues, spelling mistakes, and the like.
-Tweaked dialogue font for better reading.
-Redone a few renders.
-Fixed a story-breaking mistake related to Chloe’s first hookup.
-Fixed indentation mistake that caused Andrew’s name to be replaced by Annie’s.

Developer: Smoke Mob Games
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Mad World Version: Release
Censored: No
Size: 2560 mb



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