Lucky Paradox v0.7.5 Public


Lucky Paradox

Welcome to Argleton, a charming city disconnected from the rest of the world, where you can relax, visit places of interest and meet its quirky inhabitants.
You will be able to form relationships with different girls, follow their stories and live sexy moments.


v0.7.5 Public
80 – 100 min of New Content~
13 New Animations.
1 New Event Added to the Gallery (Shizuka)
1 New Repeatable Sex Scene with Shizuka (Nude and with Christmas Costume)
Winter is coming: Beaches and Farm will not be accessible during December and there are some graphical changes, also special events will be activated in the Shogukuni.
The First Steps for Seasonal Changes in Argleton have been Included.
3 New Original Theme Song (One Christmas Theme and Two Winter Themes).
New Yui, Shizuka and Kaede Story Content for Winter (Is a long Cross Story).
New Winter Main Menu.
New Winter Night/Day Transition.
Calendar System is Working on December.
New design for the Calendar in December (Christmas theme)
A Hint Log added to the Calendar: To help you find out about Christmas events.
Hints have been added for the Christmas Events tab in Yui, Kaede and Shizuka’s profiles.
A New Special Costume Added for Shizuka (Christmas Costume)
A New Special Costume Added for Shizuka (Cute Dress)
A New Special Costume Added for Kaede (Christmas Costume)
Added 2 New Sound Effects.
Some typos and text has been fixed.
More bugs have been fixed


Developer: Stawer
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Lucky Paradox Version: 0.7.5 Public
Censored: No
Size: 4520 mb

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