Love & Vice (Release 4)


Love & Vice

Shaken from your self-deprecating routine you embark on a journey to find your place in the world. It’s up to you to choose your path, and how you treat the people you meet along the way. Perhaps you want to be charming and irresistible to the ladies? Or do you simply want to twist them into your playthings?

Any returning players using a save at Jen’s current max love/lewd levels should head to the mc bedroom at least once before attempting to do any of the new content!

Jen Content
– New strip club events, both for MC and morale events (some are locked behind her stripper level)
– New daily task system, you can start this with a convo when eating (Lovers/Slut Req). Allows you to assign her tasks at breakfast, and get a report of what happened later at dinner, or you can just leave her to it and get the reward passively while sleeping
– New Anal training content – Check the goal screen for details on progressing
– Two New Story Events, one for each path
– New anal training cheat, along with a new cheat code for patrons, thanks for the support!
– New repeatable interactive sex system, currently only has a few positions, but more actions will be added in future updates
– ^ You can try out the above by reaching Lovers/Slut levels, find the “Fuck her” link in the hall at 10pm, at the same time you would usually join her in her bedroom
– also you can use the right arrow on your keyboard to progress through the content once you have selected a position

Club Content
– New upgrade: VIP rooms which allows you to have private dance shows and other activities, only 1 stripper for now
– ^ Reach 60 club morale and then the upgrade is available for purchase in the upgrade menu
– ^ Simply select the new vip rooms job action, then start your day as normal, you’ll find a link near the bottom to navigate to the vip room after the shift.

New Character
– Check the new goal screen for some details on getting started
– Can unlock a new gym and continue your fitness training to level 3
– Just a small tease for now, had to cut back the amount due to time constraints – More to come soon!

Developer: MakinWaves
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Love & Vice Version: Release 4
Censored: No
Size: 907 mb

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