Love & Vice (Release 7.5)


Love & Vice

Shaken from your self-deprecating routine you embark on a journey to find your place in the world. It’s up to you to choose your path, and how you treat the people you meet along the way. Perhaps you want to be charming and irresistible to the ladies? Or do you simply want to twist them into your playthings?


Release 7.5
A small release, focused on expanding the club content. But there’s a fair bit of porn

Jen Content
– Jen is now available in VIP rooms once you meet the requirements and play the small intro event, find it under her revenue tab
– This works a little bit different to Lexie in how the events proceed, but is largely the same in practice
– VIP room work task, with rotating clips depending on your club upgrades
– New daily tasks, continuing the neighbor/david story. Voted for by the high tier supporters!

Mel Content
– New Intro Events leveling her to a new stage
– NOTE: These stages are not implemented yet, this is just to make some new stuff available. Will be filled out later.
– New Stripping Work task
– Her story events are now available in the scene replay gallery

Club Content
– New cap upgrades, one being Jen starting her vip work
– Also some VIP room upgrades that unlock some content here and there
– Gloryhole upgrade, which you can visit in the VIP room personally. Also unlocks some work tasks for Jen and Mel
– New Club story event once you hit the requirements
– Above unlocks a new girl for the VIP rooms, and she’ll play a role in the club story in future
– You can now hide/unhide individual character events, much like in the office
– Added some icons to girl tasks that have cap increase rewards – no icon: you’ve already got it. This should help you figure out what you need to do!
– Can bang Lexie in the VIP room once the girls agree to do it (morale unlock)
– There is now an NTR bypass system in place, so if an employed character has ntr turned off you will receive their event rewards once reaching the appropriate love or lewd levels. Sorry this took so long!
– New supporter club cheats that grant club stat increases, thanks for your support!


Developer: MakinWaves
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Release 7.5
Censorod: No
Size: 1690 mb

Download game:


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