Insatiable Version 0.2.2



You start out as Danny, a frumpy sad loser.
A real lost soul. Unable to get a girl or even a decent job.
That is until you start having vivid sex dreams.
A naked woman is calling out to you, yearning for you, wanting you desperately.
These visions lead you down a path of new beginnings and limitless potential.
But is your new life all it’s made out to be?


463 new images and 15 new videos which are used in:
9 new story stages
11 new optional scenes
1 new OnlySimps story
1 updated main menu
Added phone UI elements.
Changed bathroom mirror poses behavior (click to progress instead of timed).


Developer: cumAgain
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.2
Language: English
Size: 426 mb

Download game:


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