Hot Springs Academy Version 0.4a …

Hot Springs Academy

Hot Springs Academy

You’ll be guy of transferred to an unusual «academy» in the former resort Utagachi town.
Besides the searing atmosphere, you will be surrounded by over 30 equally hot and bright girls for any taste from all over Japan and beyond!

Key Features:

Over 30 main girls in addition to the side ones! And much more on the way!
Each of the girls has her own very distinct temper, appearance, past, social circle, behavior, as well as the speed of the relationship.
Active plot twists, on-screen and sound special effects, as well as light humor are designed to wean you off the Ctrl button.
Thoroughly detailed scenes, facial emotions, lighting, and locations, including those created from scratch by us personally.
60 FPS videos, which include many unique custom animations. We plan to release more adult clips in future updates! Also, we already have some ideas on how to improve them noticeably in the future.


New Content:

7000+ words.
300+ images.
76 animations (with advanced physics, no clipping).
Added lewd sounds.
Added Memories System (girls list only. Full version will be available in the next update).

Technical changes:

Reworked/improved 100+ images from previous updates.
Fixed the loading of saves made after the recommendation to save just before the end of the game.
Added a notification to remind you to start a new game if the loaded save is too old and will not work properly with the current version of the game.
Fixed the translation display in the Developer Console on the mobile version.
Dozens of other minor fixes and improvements.

Visual changes:

Improved details of the girls’ emotions. They are now even more beautiful!
Improved quality of reflections on the girls’ bodies and surrounding objects.

Text changes:

Reworked hundreds of lines to improve the overall game experience (more information here).

Important changes to the English translation:

Changed “Brother” to “Nii-chan” for Misaki (a sweeter nickname, better fits the original meaning).
Changed “Sister” to “Nee-san” for MC (better correspong to the intented meaning).
(We understand that these are Japanese terms, but it feels much better than before.)

Fixes in 0.4a:

Some translation fixes.


Developer: Mirgosoft Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.4a
Language: English
File size: 1500 mb

Download game:


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