Holding Hands Version 0.30


Holding Hands

The protagonist works as a writer but has been unable to produce anything that he considers high quality and going through depression because of it.
Meanwhile, one the old friends that his girlfriend is invited to stay in the house due to being evicted.
What impact will have this event in the life of the protagonist?
Will he find a rival for the love of his girlfriend?
Will he have is entire relationship destroyed?
Or will he find a new fetish?


-Fixed some typos on all routes.
-Fixed a trigger in the last secret puzzle that wasn’t working every time.
-Added content for the days 16, 17 & 18 of the NTR 1 route.
-Added 2 Sex scene to the NTR 1 route.
-Added content for the day 23, 24&25 of the Netorase 2 route.
-Added 1 sex scene to this route.


Developer: Kirantiplayer
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.30
Language: English
File size: 755 mb

Download game Holding Hands:



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