Goodnight Kiss: Sugar and Spice (Chapter 5)


Goodnight Kiss: Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice is a visual novel where you play as an older man who is taking care of his best friend’s daughter, Clover, while he’s away and she’s going to university. Clover is a sweet girl who gets good grades and works hard. Her life with her father was a little hard, and he sheltered her rather a lot, but she’s starting to come into her own.
And all that changes with the arrival of Cory. Cory is Clover’s mysterious and rarely alluded to sister. She grew up on the other side of the country along with her mother (a lot of bad blood there) and she has come to find her sister (and piss off her mom while she’s at it). Cory is spicy enough to give you a chemical burn. She’s had a much harder upbringing and is going to throw not just Clover’s life into disarray, but yours as well.
Will you be able to control yourself?


Chapter 5
Monday has finally rolled back around. You return to work, Clover returns to university and Cory starts her job as Nadezhda’s assistant. But just as you thought your life was settling into a new normal Clover is invited to a secret club to “expand her creative horizons.”

This chapter contains: handjob, female masturbation, public(ish) nudity, and vaginal sex


Developer: Dirty Secret Studio
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Goodnight Kiss: Sugar and Spice Version: Ch.5
Censored: No
Size: 377 mb

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