Going rogue Chapter 7

Going rogue

Going rogue

The story is played on behalf of two characters – the first is a police officer who gets a mission to infiltrate a gang. The second, on the contrary, gets a job in the organized crime department, while he is playing a double game and working for the boss of one of the gangs.

The storylines intersect tightly, and the actions committed by one character directly affect the other.

Game Features
Emphasis on a non-linear storyline that changes depending on your decisions. The storyline is served from two characters, allowing you to look at situations from different angles. High-quality renders. Animation. Music.?


Going rogu Chapter 7
401 renders, 10000 words, and 14 animations.

Chapter 6

Dialogues – 12000 words
Images – 366 rendered + 18 animations
Code – 2650 lines


Developer: Ker
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Chapter 7
Censored: No
Size: 6290 mb

Download game:



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