Going Away to College Version 0.2.0


Going Away to College

Going away to college is an adult game where a young college student gets a scholarship to play soccer. In this immersive universe, you will be able to meet girls, different social niches, be the captain of the team, as well as create your own story!

Yes, the game is based on choices, where each one will affect your game, no matter how small, some will have drastic impacts. The goal is to make each gameplay unique and engaging, where you can explore different tastes every time you start a new game.

Experience this story where each girl has a social, sexual and love quirk, or just be an asshole. Improve your grades to graduate with academic laurels, or just make it through the semester with as few grades as possible. You have all the freedom here!


New Mini-game
New Game map
New character status
New girl’s status
Cellphone with many functions


Developer: GameleaksStudio
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0
Language: English, Portuguese
File size: 375 mb

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