General Practitioner v0.0.21.003


General PractitionerGeneral Practitioner

General PractitionerGeneral Practitioner

General PractitionerGeneral Practitioner


Become a General Practitioner
Live the everyday life of a General Practitioner: go to the clinic every day and meet new patients, develop your skills through study and manage your clinic and your staff. With dozens of items to buy and an always short budget will you be able to treat your patients in the best way?

General Practitioner features a very long and deep storyline which will take you in a world of mistery and deception. Explore the game’s main story while enjoying the other activities available in town. The whole game contains more than 40 hours of gameplay and it’s growing update after update!?

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 1520 MB

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