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Fragile Innocence

Fragile Innocence

“Fragile Innocence” – is a RPG-style story-oriented open world game where your decisions shape the future of two main characters. You take the role of Prince Philip and Princess Isabella,the future rulers of neighboring kingdoms. Due to a decision made by their parents they are set to get married. Just before the wedding a strange chain of events takes place, which forces them to continue their journey separately. Will they find a way to be together again? Or maybe they will decide to find a new love? You will decide how the story unfolds. The game will touch themes such as: long distance relationship, coming of age, moral corruption and cheating.?

Added new quest: The last obstacle
Added 2 new large scenes (scene in the baths changes dramatically depending on your choice after the fight with Juwete) and 4 smaller ones.
Added new main menu screen.
Added short stealth mini-game.
Added sprites and busts for few characters, including new ones for Isabella and Philip.
Added Philip-Isabella Relationship Intimacy lvl stat. You can check your lvl in Menu->Status->Personality
Changed name of two statistics to make it less confusing: ‘Arousal’ is now called ‘Desire’, ‘Shame’ is now called ‘Indecency’.
Now ‘Oral’, ‘Anal’ & ‘Vaginal’ stats will display no experience as ‘Virgin’ instead of number ‘0’.
Remade all the scenes to make smoother pictures transition. No more map pop-out during transion between renders.
Now save screen will display the title of chapter. Doesn’t work with older saves.
Fixed few grammar mistakes from previous update and added new sound effects to older scenes to make them more immersive.

Developer: Dark Love
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Fragile Innocence Version: 0.7
Censored: No
Size: 2500 mb

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