Forbidden Desires Version 0.2


Forbidden Desires

In Forbidden Desires you play as a recently divorced father of two, you live with both of your daughters in a small apartment. Lynne – she recently turned 18. Her hobbies include yoga and swimming.
Your eldest daughter is Maxine, who turned 21 earlier in the year.
She doesn’t really have a lot of hobbies, she tends to spend most of her time with her best friend Essie.?


This update introduces choices, these choices will determine who the MC can romance. Included in the update is a route helper, this is a walkthrough that you can choose to turn on and off when you start playing.

When you load up your save from the previous version, you will be presented with a few choices. One of these is for the route helper, the others are choices that have been added to the first day of the game to help you decide who you would like to romance. While it is perfectly fine to keep playing from your previous save, I would recommend starting a new game if you would like to experience any new scenes that have been introduced with the choices.

There have also been a multitude of fixes made to grammar and spelling issues that existed in the first version, included in these fixes is the removal of any auto advancing lines. This was due to the fact that balancing when to advance was too much work and that time would be better spent on renders and writing the game.

Speaking of renders, in this update there are a total of 388 new renders. The majority of these are for the second day, with only 20 or so new renders in the first day for each choice. Something I would like to include in the future is animations, however that is something I am still learning and practicing and would only like to include if they are of a good enough quality.


Developer: Forbidden Link Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Forbidden Desires Version: 0.2
Language: English
File size: 1700 mb

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