Endless Summer Version 0.23


Endless Summer

Endless Summer follows you, a young man who leaves his home town to go to university in a few weeks,
leaving behind his ex-girlfriend Sophie and his dad who is deep in debt.
Your ordinary life suddenly becomes busy in a larger city, and you get involved in the secrets that this city hides.

After saying your goodbyes, you arrive to the city where you live in a one bedroom apartment.
However, not long after your arrival, a mysterious woman appears to be living at the same place as you.
With each interaction, you find more and more information about her.
Outside your place, however, there are lots of people to meet and enjoy the summer that doesn’t seem to end..


Current Features (Chapter 1):
450+ static Full HD images
3,000+ lines of code
2 x 30 FPS Full HD animations (+1 in the bonus version)
Music and Sound FX
Interact with the characters via a mobile phone
13 characters in Chapter 1 (more to come)
Quests affecting the story line


Developer: MrPinkCookie
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.23
Language: English
Size: 2020 mb

Download game:



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