Cutely Suspicious v0.03.035


Cutely Suspicious

Cutely Suspicious explores your relationship with the two young women you live with as your villainous landlady attempts to keep your relationships non-existent. Flirt and charm your way into the girls’ lives then sneak around behind your landlady’s back and even right before her eyes with ‘accidental’ touches and gropes and… beyond.?

Recoded everything.
Lots of UI changes.
Re-ordered the storylines.
Brought the evo system into the main game.
Changes how weekends work.
Rebalance income.
New intro.
Added massages, pecks, towel stealing, and wandering town.
New outfit for Dani.
1 new photoshoot for Dani.
1 new masturbation activity for Dani.
2 new masturbation activities for Cute.
Added lollies.

Developer: Ellaraia
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Version: v0.03.035
Censored: No
Size: 723 mb

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