COED Conquest Version 0.3


COED Conquest

In COED Conquest you play as university student Chad Gibson! You will begin your studies at one of the most prestigious universities in the capital of modern education and science ‘Paradise City’. Not only did you get in one of the top universities, you were also put into a very experimental study program!
Instead of studying hard and taking tests, you will have to build a business empire from scratch! You will work at different businesses around town to gather experience and afterwards take them over! Sounds hard? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this endeavour! The department got every student in the program a private secretary! And there is also the mysterious girl you met on your first day at campus!
It is easy to get distracted in ‘Paradise City’ with almost a quarter of the population of the city being fellow college students, there is always a hot girl just around the corner!

New content:
– The Gentlemen Lounge (Stripclub) can now be upgraded to Level 3! It uses the new upgrade mechanic!
– The Alex route is finally ready!
– Hire three strippers for the Gentlemen Lounge and have loads of fun training them!
– Quest System Implemented! Everything that isn’t mainstory, heroine or business progression will end up here!
– Quest for reaching 100 affection with Kate and Jenny respectively added!
– Quest for completing the jogging event added!

New features:
– You can now rename your MC!
– Foundation for save compatability was implemented (This version will still most likely break your saves)!
– One less click to reach your destination! Clicking the location name in the submapscreen instantly gets you there!
– Items and upgrades can now give you multi rolls! Multi rolls reroll a failed diceroll without failing the encounter!
– Button to quickly hide the Interface added (Hot key ‘h’ also works)!
– Interface got a small upgrade!
– Questlog for Side Quests and Long Time Goals added! These will reward you with great items to easily turn RNG in your favour!

Bug Fixes and Changes:
– Loads of language fixes!
– Denoised some of my older images!
– Various other stuff that you guys told me about! Keep the bug reports coming!

Developer: despiteful
Platform: Windows
Language: English
COED Conquest Version: 0.3
Censored: No
Size: 1100 mb

Download game:


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