Cobra Venom Version 0.3.2


Cobra VenomCobra Venom

Cobra Venom

The game tells of a spy whose friend died on a mission. They were tracking down Cobra, the mysterious leader of a terrorist group. The friend has a wife and daughter, and the relationship with them will develop. How to end the story to you to decide. The main character will meet with many characters, will solve other people’s problems. Who is a Cobra and how to catch him? That’s the main question for the protagonist.?

-409 images.
– 3 additional sex scenes with Megan and 1 main one.
– Sex scene with Kate.
– Sex scene with Alexis.
– 2402 lines of text.
– 3400 lines of code.
The Android version has not been tested. If you get an error please let me know.
I provide two different versions, one is compressed, the other is full.

Developer: SaVa_Game
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.5
Language: English
File size: 1700 mb

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