TP: The Class Next Door – Version 0.8.1


The Class Next Door

The Class Next Door

You take the role of a teacher who is moving into a new city to start a new life, his daughter is coming along with him, the reasons why they’re moving away to start a new life are ambiguous at first, but as the story unfolds you will understand why they have decided to rebuild their lives.


-Increased the lewd dream’s chance to 66%.
-Story progress with Miss Evans.
-Story progress with Joan.
-Story progress with Daria.
-Lewd dream featuring Miss Evans.
-Lewd dream featuring Joan.
-Lewd, one-time, scene featuring Joan.
-Main story-line progression.
-Now, players will be able to skip text during lewd dreams after they have seen it once.
-Typos correction.
-Grammar corrections.
-Fixed a variable looping Marjorie’s story.


Developer: 9thCrux
Platform: Windows
Language: English
The Class Next Door Version: 0.8.1
Censored: No
Size: 2090 mb

Download game:


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