Casting Director Version 0.040 Alpha


Casting DirectorCasting Director

Casting Director

Casting DirectorCasting Director

Become a Hollywood casting director, trade sex with young starlets for roles, and grow your business from the ground up. Will you find love and go legit? Or just fuck every girl who crosses your path? The choice is yours.
Although the game’s in its initial stages, it is still fully playable and includes two distinct casting jobs with over 1,000 unique randomly-generated image combinations, a list of stats and perks to progress in, and 8 different named female characters to seduce and sleep with.


v0.040 Alpha
-New sequence: Talk to Stacy, then confront Daniel for a final showdown.
-New scene: Get Kalani a role on the sitcom. (HJ scene)
-New scene: Kalani tells you about meeting a futurologist
-New mechanic: Kalani jerks you off
-New mechanic: Teach Kalani Sex Ed
-New scene: Bring Courtney to the porta-potties (requires a certain Courtney Corruption level to play)
-Added ability to seduce Adrienne Windham with Charm.
-Added ability to seduce Adrienne Windham with Style.
-Added ability to change Courtney’s dynamic in-game at any time.
-Fixed bug that caused game overs even when bills were paid.
-Minor addition to 2nd Daniel event.


Developer: Old Dirty Dog
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Version: 0.040 Alpha
Censored: No
Size: 509 mb

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