Camp Pinewood Version 1.5


Camp Pinewood


Main changes:
First of all, I changed the engine from unity to renpy just to make this game work well even on a toaster.
It took most of my time. I spent weeks transferring it. And it turned out good I think.
New menus, better map, autosave, etc.
But also there will be new bugs. But I have a little help now, just to fix them.

Then, I rebuild the initial story structure, added some scenes to make it more interesting, and changed direction to be able to do more with it.
For example, in next version, you choose side in the story, and stick with Madeline, punishing girls. As I said some older parts of story will be added in later, with a new ones, to make it more logical and exciting.

I tried to create new way to build relationship with character. Less grinding. But it now works only for 3 character. Frankie, Gwen and Jessica.
The main goal of this and next updates is to make all characters used in the story.
In 1.5 there are 3 new characters: Lola Bunny(Humanized), Judy(Original Character), Daphne

In last months I had no holidays, worked all the time I didn’t sleep just to make it good game.
Now, when the toughest coding part is done, I will take a break (work on American MILF which is more linear), and will return to Camp Pinewood to finish the story, with multiple endings, new characters, and better interactions, events, and more.
I really want to finish Camp Pinewood and move on to new projects. But I won’t sleep well until I do it right.
P.S.: I hired a guy to help me with projects. I hope it will help to make them sooner and better.
So, here’s a plan:
October, 10: American MILF 0.1
October, 30: Camp Pinewood 1.6

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 292 MB

Download game:


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