Bonds of Love Version 1.3

Bonds of Love

Bonds of LoveBonds of Love

Bonds of Love is an adult visual novel. You live out your life in a house with three women, but meet many more, whose relationship to you is for you to decide. You can stick with the default landlady, flattie stuff, or you could be a little bit closer.
Choices matter in this game, but you won’t be locked into your path. Want to push a girl at the start but then be nice to her down the line? You can, and the game will often reflect that change. Now, this isn’t a game that allows you to end up in 10 different iterations depending on your choices, but your choices will make a notable difference, with no right or wrong ‘choices’ such as those where you can bizarrely get a game over.


Added one new sleep content
Added one new part to Relaxing Massage
Added one new part to Stressed Out
Added one new part to Secret Job
Added one new part to Sex Ed
Added two new parts to Lonely Woman
Added two new parts to Handyman
Added two new parts to Yoga Challenge
Added two new parts to Problem Child
Added one new ‘Main’ part
Added about 30 mini-events


Developer: Zelathorn Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 1.3
Language: English
File size: 1660 mb

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