Bad Manners Version 0.76 by Skaz Games Studio


Bad MannersBad Manners

Bad MannersBad Manners

Bad Manners The younger son in the royal family Hans, who failed because of his self-confidence and a couple of princesses to seize the throne of the neighboring kingdom gets the last chance.
The mysterious power promises to help Hans get the crown if he can re-educate the benevolent girls in the Imperial College … in skillful whores.
Hans has to fuss desperately to strengthen his position and fulfill the promised, because the girls have their own plans for the future, besides, the most hated Hans Princess sisters have arrived at the College …

We releases BM part II ver. 0.76 BETA!
List of changes in comparison with the current version available to Patrons (0.75) is below:

8-th chapter has three additional endings now!
Couple of new scenes
Anna offers to lick and she succeeds (but not quite as intended
Elsa tryes to impress Hans and gets a new outfit for role playing
Playing cards with Dorothy has now become more convenient
The sisters decide who marries Hans

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 621 mb

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