Z kingdom 0.04 build 161217



Z kingdom is a sim management sandbox game. You play as ruler of newly formed kingdom. You need to make way through different troubles, which await a newly ruler, that will lead to kingdom rise.

Breeding different life types(walkers, werewolves, ratmens, etc) and get new form of life, stronger or weaker than their parents. In future, I hope to realize new breeding system, where new unit’s stats, perks and other will depend on the parents and grandparents.

Explore new lands, meeting with new friends and enemies and capture a new forms of life for tests.

Sexual content in current version:
– geterosexual
– gomosexual (FF/MM)
– content with monsters
– pregnant
– futanary
– furry

Changelog 0.04:
Added plot into rat nest.
You can choose between two sides and help one. BUT! Warning! If you don’t like female domination – don’t choice KItty side. Because all her plot branch is female domination.
Added little job in Molly’s bar.
After second bar upgrade and Molly’s event, you can get semen in gloryhole (now available only one event, in next updates – more). In gloryhole you get more semen than just harvesting unit, but you don’t get expierence for it.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 166 MB

Download game: