Warriors Maidens Rayearxxxt v0.02b


Warriors Maidens Rayearxxxt v0.02b


Here a grist try: Hentai parody of a popular anime 90 years, 3 girls are summoned on the lust planet of SAFIRT to save the princess Esmelia
from the clutches of the great priest ZAGADO, to do so they must become the Legendary Maidens, but their path will be full of trials and
unexpected situations that will test their morality and sexuality.?

+15 animated scenes
From 453 to 518 images in total
Added 4 Sex Scenes
Added Cheats and secret characters
alternate First Patreon ending
Added +1 Uber boss! Rias G.
Added Alcion ending
Some enemies were weakened

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 765 MB

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