Virtual Jessica Version 1.4


the game is a Visual Novel with Femdom/Malesub or Femdom/Femsub (you can choose you’re gender, but you’re the sub here anyway).
It involve a LOT of hypnosis, with 0 transformations or other. Only simple mind-control into slavery.

Synopsis :
-Your (boy)friend Dave seemed really distant and dreamy for the last week, and now he’s been gone. You decide to see him in his place, but all you can find is a weird CD. Could it be related to his recent state ? Only one way to know…

Content :
-12 ending on the classic mode
-An arena to try to resist (or not) new ennemies (2 actually)
-NEW The build your hypno mode
-Aaaand I’m pretty bad at summing up content, but there’s more !

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 110 MB

Download game: