Unforeseen Ascent: Origin – Alpha 1.0 + Android


Unforeseen Ascent

An ordinary world populated by normal people, or perhaps it’s only in appearance?
A banal man with a boring life, or maybe it has not started yet?
Embody this man and take charge of your future.

Younger, you grew up in an orphanage, nowadays, you’re a student who lives a normal life… but that will not last. Strange things start to happen around you, a childhood friend who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances recontacts you and brings with her problems that will disturb your life.
What the hell is going on? That’s the first question you will have to answer.?

Here are some tips to avoid being stuck (you will understand when playing):
– Visit each girl’s room at least once
– Be attentive to the Shopkeeper’s clothes
– Check your profile on the terminal after doing an action that updates it

Developer: Archronique
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English, French
Version: Alpha 1.0
Censored: No
Size: 247 mb

Download Windows, Linux:


Download Android: