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“Twists of My Life” – is a visual novel where every decision you make can completely change the storyline. There’s no “game over” if you pick the wrong answer, in this game every choice you make will lead to different outcomes. All plotlines are intertwined. There are many beautiful, sweet and sexy girls waiting for you. They will either love you or hate you… It is up to you. Everything’s in your hands, so to speak.
– Helena’s branch hot fix (04.12.2018).
– If you follow Helena’s branch, it’s highly recommended to load a save that was made before sex in spa-salon.

– This update continues Helena and Alanna’s branches. Helena’s story is about to be finished while Alanna’s story is 2/3 finished.

– In this update I’ve applied a new method of creating sex scenes. I’ve been receiving messages in discord for a while on how to make these scenes better but so far, I couldn’t do anything due to GPU and time limitations. Now when I have a new GPU and rendering time is way faster, I can do more renders and animations thus I can add more interaction to sex scenes.

– As I’ve already said, the 0.95 update contains 310 new renders, 13 animations and about 9.5k of words.

The next update will draw Alanna’s story to an end and it is planned to be released by Christmas. It’s possible that there will be some bonus scenes. It all depends on time I have, can’t promise anything so far.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 1110 MB

Download game:


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