Train the Young Noble Girls as Much as You like


At a prestigious school attended by daughters of the rich and royal, the protagonist spends his days getting kicked around. Those days end when he obtains the power of “saimin”. Without even knowing it, the minds of all the privileged ojosamas are being bent to his will. His vengeance begins……

With hard work and excellent grades, he managed to earn a spot at the historic school. He thought he was special, but only the first day. Elite politicians, vastly wealthy kingpins of industry and actual kings all sent their snotty, spoiled sons and daughters here. He wasn’t special. Compared to them he was low class.

He’d earned his way here, like a sucker. But in their eyes he didn’t deserve it, and as he toiled to keep his spot the girls trod over him like garbage.

One day I’ll get even, he thought as he silently endured the bullies. It was in the library one day that things changed. He found an old book that taught “saimin-jutsu”. The craft of hypnosis.

If hypnosis was real, it was the key to his revenge. He borrowed the book and, if only to amuse himself, studied it. Then he tested it; success. A revelation.

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