Too Much Light (0.3A Demo)


Too Much Light

-Added smooth async level transition system (Load and unload parts of open world level)
-Added time between QTE’s
-Added smooth level music-theme player
-Added costume inventory, costume database
-Gallery unlock button moved from Main Menu to Gallery scene.
-Added “Exit” button in Gallery.
-Added AI reaction on gun fire (Different weapons have different noise range)
-Added heels sounds (Concrete, metal)
-Costume system enabled globally, costume inventory works in H scenes and realtime game.
-Clothes inventory, Equipped clothes, Items inventory, Equipped weapon added to save system, your progress with it will be saved!

-Improves girl skin shader, more smoothness with subsurface scattering.
-Added custom cloth shader.
-Added new costume “Detective”
-Added dynamic gangbang system (depends on nearby enemies count and starts to play scene with n-count of enemies)
-Added Double penetration scene (Gangbang scene with two enemies)
-Added H scene throat-f*ck sounds
-Added H scene pu^^y slurp sounds.
-Added new H impact sounds with more wet and slurp impacts.
-Clothes added to H scenes
-Added HScene cloth behavior (for example in the blowjob scene face accessory like Vampire Mask will be disabled)

-Corrected Detective costume meshes.
-Fixed free scar after leave shooting range in weapon reload state.
-Fixed reload to crouching transition bugs

Developer: Shinekuku
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Too Much Light Version: 0.3A Demo
Censored: No
Size: 2700 mb



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