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Threads of Destiny Threads of Destiny Threads of Destiny Threads of Destiny Threads of Destiny Threads of Destiny

Threads of Destiny To begin with, I’d like to say a few words about this version. Initially, we planned to improve the old art scenes from the previous version, as well as to prepare and to fill in the estate with various events, but the control in the game bothered us all the time. We had some groundwork in this regard, but it didn’t response to the needs of the game. In fact, we didn’t have time to bring it to our mind. In this version, thanks to you, we realized that it’s better to find a solution to this aspect, to focus on the control, since this is one of the elements of the game that can irritate more than others if it’s not conveniently implemented and if it doesn’t meet the requirements of the most obvious method to control the game. We had to urgently do certain amounts of work, both with the program aspect and with the locations in general. There is more information below on this matter.
As for other things, everything is going as we planned. Moreover, there will be more story content in the next updates.
Now let’s move directly to what has been done for this version:

6 locations of the estate have been improved. Now there are no locations left in the game that will stand out of the general style of the game.

A large piece of the plot related to the events in the estate has been written and prepared for being translated. The systems for the development of relations based on various random and non-random events in the estate for Elli and Umi are thought out and completed.
The events with the other inhabitants of the estate are also partially finished.
Sprite characters and time system:

In this version, almost all new sprite animations were created for the time system. All this is the basis for the events that I have mentioned about before.
12 different animated actions for Elli and Umi are completed. You can find the girls doing something in different parts of the estate at different times of the day. The same will be done for the night time later.
The animations for Taleona, Nansy and Leonora are also ready.
Character busts:

Nansy’s clothes are slightly modified: both her new maid dress and its variations. For now, her new look appears just as you progress through the quests in the estate, but in the next update, when we load some events into the estate, certain things will precede the appearance of her new image.
We found out that many of the busts lost their quality and looked blurry when we loaded them into the game. It turned out that most of the work on drawing the details of clothing and the features of their faces became blurry. Perhaps it wasn’t really noticeably, but we have corrected that issue. There are a few examples below to show you the difference. Almost all characters that appereared in the story arch for Sardo have been updated. At that time, we changed the approach to making new busts, but didn’t take into account one feature of the program that we used to set up a range of characters’ emotions.

Statistics menu:

The statistics menu has been fully updated. Now it will be possible to receive the information about the level of depravity and obedience of the heroines, as well as the current level of their arousal, which will have a certain influence on the behavior of the characters.

The description of the characters, which previously could be read in this menu, hasn’t gone to anywhere. You can call it by pressing Enter.
Also, there is a menu of achievements appeared for each character. It will show you if there are any events or quests related to this or that character, or some other achievements.
In general, you can look at the frame of this system in the Journal, but as soon as we finish it, we will update the guide and describe how it works.
There is an indicator now on the quests which are still in progress. Now there is no need to guess which quests are possible to complete and which are still in development.
Arts and animations:

As we promised, we have completed 3 art scenes in this version. Two of them are animated, and one is static. You can find them in the quest related to the trip to Artaun and to shopping for clothes.
It seems like saves from the previous version of the game more or less work in this version, so if you want just to have a look at new arts, you can move your saves and try to download the game before going to Artaun, as well as before going shopping for clothes.
There is a small size art before the trip to Artaun, and there are two animated art scenes in the clothing store. Just keep in mind that you can’t see both art scenes at once. Each art is specific and can be seen only if you do certain things that are written in the walk though guide.
Mouse control:

In this version, we added the ability to control the character with the mouse, but it is still in the test mode. This function has been completely adjusted only for several locations of the estate so far. It means that in those locations the character will behave as adequately as possible when moving.

The system of movement uses the route calculation in real time. So, we will be able to get a feedback on how this system works on different computers.

We also tried to add the ability to walk behind the furniture in all the listed locations.

If you have played the game before, you may have noticed that it was impossible to walk around many places, although there was enough space for it.

Threads of Destiny In version 0.1.35 you can test the mouse control in the following locations of the manor:

Living-room on the first floor;
Library on the 3rd floor;
As for the street locations, only Yard is available.
But keep in mind that moving with the mouse will work adequately, as we expect it to work, only if you start «New Game» or «Chapter 1». It is very important.

If you use a save file from the previous version to see new art, the character can sometimes get stuck when approaching to walls and obstacles if you control him with the mouse. But you can easily get out of it by using the keyboard controls.

You can move around with the mouse in other locations of the game too, but sometimes there can be moments when a character gets stuck in places that you can visually walk through.

So, if you like the implementation of the mouse control, which you can test only in the locations listed above, let us know, and we will add the mouse control functionality for all locations in the next update, and we will also change the display for transition points between locations to make them visually clear, as when switching to mouse control, current transition points don’t always work properly.

We will let you know the date of the next release on April 10.

Have a nice time playing the game!

ElisarStudio team!

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 1220 Mb



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