Thoughts Of Infinity Intro v0.01a



You will take control of two characters in a thrilling fictional story in which they have met after many years in the US because of a mass migration in Mexico but without recognizing each other , your choices with other characters will affect their relation together, and also will affect the story direction (love ,corruption, neutral)?

Gui improvement :
-Adding names to every icon button including (action ,map,control buttons..)
-Map icons will change to red when there is a present event
-Eye symbol will appear on the location icons when there is a present character
-All the gui of the exit area have changed

Fixed bugs :
-Lab will appear after Alberto meeting
-Alberto’s last chat in his room will not appear again after playing it

15 new renders (A new singing scene in Egor’s bar)
Spelling corrections
And now you can choose your mc name

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 225 MB

Download game: