The princess of wizard


The princess of wizard / demo version

The princess of wizard

Fap-ability and Game play-ability combined
together in this side scrolling action game!

* Synopsis
A event took place in a small village…
In that village
the kidnapping of women was frequently occurring.
There exist foul beings by the name of ‘Lewd Beasts’
that command monsters to capture women for their dining pleasure.
Lewd Beasts love the taste of human women
and ravage them as their instinct dictates.
The women who receive a dose of their cum
in turn become Lewd Beasts themselves.
The women corrupted give birth to new
Lewd Beasts and their number grow and grow.

The people of said village, having no means of resistance,
turn in hope to a forbidden magical spell.
A spell so horrendous that no normal man dare attempt.
In the mountains near the village, there is a village of
those who know the forbidden way. They seek help.
However, even though they know the forbidden ways,
monsters are still a formidable opponent.
No one could stand up, take lead and make way…

It was at that time……
The princess of the village stood up……!

* System
A nostalgic 2D style side scrolling action game.
Control the character and aim to clear each stage.

10 stages in total. Each stage has a boss. Defeat the last boss and win!

When you take damage, clothes come off and eventually…
All clothes will be lost for butt-nakedness!
By replenishing life, the clothes return to normal.
After dying, a dead body still takes damage.
Screaming ensues and damage continues to be taken.

This games difficulty is set a little bit high.
As you proceed through the stages, the difficulty increases but,
each stage has a continue option so, you can re-attempt difficult stages.

This game has auto-save.
(Auto-save will be performed after the last boss is defeated).

* Differences from our previous release
– Difficulty is a little lower.

– Pose art is shown during the game.
It becomes translucent upon movement.

– Upon taking damage, the character chip performs
an appropriate reaction. Pose art loses clothing too.

* H scenes
The erotic scenes are fully voiced.
There is an erotic scene for each boss.

When you lose in a boss battle the heroine will be corrupted
so, try to complete the stage and continue before its too late.

Gallery mode for your viewing pleasure.
When you complete all stages,
you can unlock all CG if you wish to.

Censorship : none
Platform: PC/Windows
Language: English
Size : 27 MB

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