The Princess and the Tower v0.7b Public


The Princess and the Tower

Through a magical accident you, a shady goblin, are transported into the tower of a locked up Princess ( trope alert 😉 ) . Procure gold for the Princess to help her escape plan, train her and put up with her sometimes odd behaviour, whilst finding out what lurks in the shadows…?



Story Development: A New Masterplan (Endgame Lead-In)
Board Game: Queen A.I. Attack Starts!
New character (Gwynn)
New Research Tree (Outfits, Items, Game play, …)
Dress-Up Screens for Nyx and Gwynn (new outfits & accessories)
New Mini-Game Boss Level (The Insanitarium)
Cut scenes: Interaction with Irith (Belt) – Continued
Cut scenes: Training of Nyx – Continued
Cut scenes: Training of Gwynn – Phase I
Balancing and QoL changes
Jump Start “Act III”
Expanded gallery


Developer: y.v.
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.7b Public
Language: English
Size: 710 mb

Download game:


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