The Handyman Version 0.0.1b


The Handyman

The game tells the story of a man that lost everything, his family, money, dignity and respect. It’s up to you to take it back and, in the process, you’ll meet a lot of characters that will help, and challenge, you along the way.

The Handyman Changelog:
”Ver 0.0.1b” — The Balance
* Reworked values
>> Change to Energy penalties for various activities
>> Change to Hunger penalties for various activities
>> Change starter money
>> Changed prices

”Ver 0.0.1a” — First release.
* Initial Mechanics
>> Gym
>> Library
>> Rent
>> Work
>> Shop
>> Energy and Hunger Management
>> Sleep
>> Shower
>> Wealth System
>> Game Over Endings

Developer: The Vision
Platform: Windows, Linux , Mac
Language: English
Version: 0.0.1b
Censored: No
Size: 326 mb

Download game:


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