The Fall of Juliet v0.13



Join Juliet on her long and erotic descent into Hell after she becomes the host of a mysterious dark energy.

What seemed to be a small and unremarkable incident on the surface may well have sealed the fate of Fiery City forever.

With numerous possibilities, choices to make, and a plethora of characters to meet, two questions remain:

How far will she fall, and what fate awaits a world which now hangs in the balance ?
– Continuation of Belinda Route in the ethereal world (1 scene).
– Continuation of King Bogus Route in the ethereal world (1 scene).
– Continuation of Hoffman Route (1 scene), almost completed route overall.
– 1 New Costume for Juliet: Nude.
– Made all mini-games much easier.
– Fixed some bugs that could occurs under some rare circumstances.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 805 MB

Download game:


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