The Enslavement War v0.03


The Enslavement War porn game

The Enslavement WarThe Enslavement War

The Enslavement WarThe Enslavement War

The Enslavement WarThe Enslavement War

War This is a Game between you and a slave … will she remain slave …or will she over throw you ..there is no game overs , the game is heavily dependent on your decisions , your actions..and how you handle events …yeah i forgot your wife is there too (just to keep in mind )….who will enslave the other !??

1- Events :
A-more than 12 new Events
B- The event that were add – to give the player the feeling of more control and freedom-and to lay the basis of new routs .
the new and the planned routs might be a spoiler so i will lay them on a comment below later.
C- old events were changed to be more compatible with the new changes
D-Most of the spelling Mistakes were fixed thanks to Chuck2000 .
E-the intro were rewritten beautifully by Soran.
F- some events were changed regarding their occurance rate

A- lot of Illustrations were add.
B- Some of the Old illustrations were fixed
C-Some Animations were readjusted as matter of speed and scale , to Look more fluid.
D-The main event Animation was redesigned but Aborted due to the fact that the current One is much more better . sigh
E-the new art contain daily activity , for Lura and Amilia and both of them, and a Punishment Illustration.
were the new art conterbute to the story line . as you can “see” the changes on the household. also” LaY tHe BaSis” for new events .

3- Stats
A- New stats are shown now – as for cleaning and cooking for Amilia were they hidden until now .
B- some stat changes were minimized as i have told Amilia and Lura relation were going faster than i intended. how ever it should about right now .
C- the player can grow strength not faster but easier now , if he train .
D-the Ui of the stat was changed again and it will be changed later .

4- Programming
A- A lot of changes were done for the new events.
B- and a lot of bugs were handled
C- the dialogue system will be changed – regarding the text layout, and wan’t implmented due tot he fact that it wasn’t finished . but it will make the game way easier .
D- the save system were changed to be compatible with the new changes
and some bugs were fixed within it .

Developer: Epysis Biscuit
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.03
Censored: No
Size: 476 mb

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